‘Say What You Pay With Pride’ During Fair Tax Week

Local companies are being encouraged to take a ‘responsible attitude’ during Fair Tax Week which runs from 6-14 July.

Tax avoidance practices by businesses across the UK is causing record levels of concern among the Scottish public, according to new polling by ICM. The survey, commissioned by the Fair Tax Mark, also shows that more people in Scotland than ever before would change who they shop with to favour a business that is Fair Tax Mark certified. 

Monica is encouraging local businesses to gain their Fair Tax Mark, a certification scheme to celebrate responsible tax paying. In gaining the independent Fair Tax Mark, Lanarkshire organisations can demonstrate their commitment to tax transparency. Household names to be accredited include SSE, Scotmid Co-operative and Timpson Group however, she explains that all local companies can sign up.

Monica said “I want local businesses in Lanarkshire to reap the benefits of the Fair Tax Mark. The vast majority of the public pay their fair share of taxes and when they hand over their hard-earned cash they want to know they are dealing with a business that pays its fair share of tax too. Two out of three people said they’d switch to a business that can prove its fair tax credentials, so it makes good business sense for firms across Lanarkshire to seize this opportunity. This scheme will increase Fair Tax in Lanarkshire and this will boost our public services.”

Paul Monaghan, Chief Executive of the Fair Tax Mark, said: “The vast majority of people in Scotland want to support and celebrate the businesses that shun the use of artificial tax havens and contrived tax avoidance practices. They understand the contribution that tax makes to public services, but also that there needs to be a level playing field on which businesses compete. Tax dodgers such as Amazon and Google have an unfair advantage, and this rightly generates anger among the public and business at large.”

“It has been estimated that some £7bn of annual revenues are still not being collected across the UK as a result of corporate profit shifting to low tax jurisdictions. That’s money that should be used to support vital public services that we all rely on, like schools, hospitals and policing.

Throughout Fair Tax Week anyone who is interested in encouraging responsible tax conduct can to write to companies to urge positive action or connect on social media. https://fairtaxmark.net/