Rising Homelessness In South Lanarkshire Must Be Wake-up Call

Scottish Labour MSP Monica Lennon has demanded action from the Scottish Government as new figures show homelessness across Scotland is on the rise. 

Worrying new statistics showed a rise of 5 per cent in the number of homeless people in South Lanarkshire compared to the previous year. 

Monica warned that this could be the first signs of a surge in homelessness following the pandemic, urging the Scottish Government to act urgently.

Monica said “These concerning figures must be a wake-up call for the Scottish Government. 

“Here in South Lanarkshire homelessness is on the rise, leaving vulnerable people in crisis and local services struggling. 

“There is a real risk that this is just the beginning of a homelessness epidemic in South Lanarkshire, with the worst yet to come.

“We cannot afford to waste any more time – the Scottish Government must act urgently to support tenants and homeowners across South Lanarkshire at risk of homelessness, and help Councils provide the quality, permanent housing people need.”


Homelessness in Scotland: update to 30 September 2021: