Monica Urges Scottish Parliament Officials to Implement a Workplace Pregnancy Loss Policy

Monica has asked Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body whether it will incorporate a pregnancy-loss support policy for employees. The MSP, who has committed to a miscarriage policy as an employer, has highlighted the harrowing impacts baby loss has on individuals.

The Miscarriage Association charity is encouraging employers across the UK to take the Pregnancy Loss Pledge and commit to supporting employees through the distress of miscarriage. South Lanarkshire Council and Glasgow City Council are just some of the organisations that have signed the pledge already.


Monica Lennon said:

I am proud to have become a Pregnancy Loss Pledge  employer- experiencing a miscarriage can have devastating impacts on individuals and it is our job as employers to ensure we are supporting workers through that difficult time.

“It’s been great to see a variety of organisations, including South Lanarkshire Council sign this pledge- and the Scottish Parliament should be next. It’s important as a public body that they ensure workers feel safe and supported at a time when they most need it.

“I am advocating for clearer guidelines around pregnancy-related leave, ensuring staff feel able to take the time off that they need. Managers and bosses should also be given guidance on how they can best support someone who has experienced pregnancy loss.

“It is encouraging to hear today in response to my question, the Scottish Parliament are reviewing their policy arrangements and that considerations are being made to take the pregnancy loss pledge.”


Vicki Robinson, Deputy Director of The Miscarriage Association, commented: “We very much welcome Monica Lennon MSP’s signing of our Pregnancy Loss Pledge and we are grateful for her support in encouraging other employers to follow suit.

“Pregnancy loss can be an extremely difficult and distressing time – and that’s as true in the workplace as it is at home. Thoughtful support and management can make a real difference to how people cope with their loss.

“More than 200 organisations – large and small, public and private – across the UK have now signed the Pregnancy Loss Pledge with more than half a million employees benefitting.

“But we know there is much more to be done. Our aim is that every workplace acknowledges the impact of pregnancy loss and treats their staff with empathy and understanding.”

Monica Lennon is an MSP for the Central Scotland Region. In 2021, she passed the ground-breaking Period Product (Scotland) Act. Follow her on Twitter for recent updates.