Monica Searches For ‘Local Hero’ To Mark 25 Years Of The Scottish Parliament

Photo: The Rev. Malcolm Anderson was nominated by Monica in 2021

Monica has opened the search for a Local Hero to mark the 25th celebration of the opening of the Scottish Parliament.

She is calling on constituents to nominate someone who has made a significant positive impact on the lives of others within the community.

The chosen Local Hero will be honoured at a special commemorative event on Saturday 29 June, celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Scottish Parliament alongside her.

The event, marking 25 years since the Parliament’s official opening on 1 July 1999, will highlight the achievements of the Parliament and celebrate Scottish culture.

Launching the search Monica said:

“I know many people in Lanarkshire give their time and energy selflessly to their local community, making a positive contribution to the lives of others, often without recognition.

“Together with fellow MSPs, we want to celebrate the achievements of our Local Heroes across Scotland to mark the significant milestone of the 25th anniversary of the Scottish Parliament.

“I am really looking forward to receiving nominations for our Local Hero, perhaps from their friends, family, or work colleagues, maybe even from potential Local Heroes themselves. If you’ve got a good suggestion, please get in touch.

“In this 25th anniversary year, it is right that the people of Scotland are placed at the heart of our events.”

To nominate a Local Hero, please send am email to with the following details:
Name of your nomination for Local Hero
• Date of birth of nominee 
• Reason for nomination (please provide an outline of the nominee’s achievements that you feel have contributed to their community)
• Contact address of Local Hero
• Contact email of Local Hero

If possible, attach an image of the local hero

This privacy statement explains how the Scottish Parliament collect and use personal information about the Local Hero to take part in the event to mark the 25th Anniversary of the Scottish Parliament. Privacy Notice: Event: 25th Anniversary: Local Heroes | Scottish Parliament Website