Monica Makes Ends Report Power List 2024

Photo: Monica makes the ENDS Reports list for Political Changemakers

Monica has been included in a list of 50 politicians, nominated by readers who have made significant contributions to environmental causes in the UK.

The list highlights politicians who have been viewed as changemakers and have driven changes across green policy, legislation as well as promoting environmental causes.

Monica has championed environmental causes through her work on the Net Zero Energy and Transport Committee.

Monica has also introduced a proposed bill to make Ecocide a crime in Scotland. The aim of the bill is to act as a major deterrent to those who might create severe damage to the environment.

As part of her work on Ecocide, Monica has undertaken a school tour across the Central Scotland region where she has worked with the next generation of eco heroes to discuss all matters related to the environement.

More information on the Power List 202, can be found here: Power List 2024: 50 political changemakers, green champions – and rebels (