Monica Lennon Warns of ‘Disastrous’ Social Impact of Swimming Pool Closures

Monica Lennon has questioned the assessment of the social and economic impacts that swimming pool closures and reduced opening hours will have on local communities.

She commented:

“I have grave concerns around the impact that pool closures will have both economically and socially on the local community. Swimming pools not only provide access to exercise facilities but are community hubs that many of my constituents rely on.

“Local councils must be supported to keep their leisure centre doors open to the public throughout this cost-of-living crisis. Energy bills are eye-wateringly high and leisure centres are becoming impossible to fund without external support.

“The plans to implement a swimming facilities project are unclear, and time is running out for many pools across Scotland that have already been forced to close.

“The Scottish Government must address the losses that will be faced because of closures. Many young children experience swimming for the first time in these facilities, older people use them to keep fit and healthy- the social impacts will be disastrous.”

Monica Lennon is an MSP for the Central Scotland Region. In 2021, she passed the ground-breaking Period Product (Scotland) Act. Follow her on Twitter for recent updates.