Monica Lennon raises the issue of the dualling of the East Kilbride rail line in Parliament

Transport Scotland announced in October that the line between the town and Busby would be single-track electrification only – despite saying in 2020 it would be both dualled and electrified as part of the Decarbonisation Action Plan.

The move was met with a backlash from residents and local politicians.

Monica raised the issue with Tom Arthur, Minister for Public Finance, Planning and Community Wealth, during portfolio questions in the chamber on Wednesday (May 11) [1]

Monica said: “This is an issue that residents in East Kilbride feel strongly about, and I felt it was only right to raise it again in Parliament as the town celebrated its 75th anniversary.

“East Kilbride is Scotland’s largest town – yet it is served only by a single-track railway with two trains an hour.

“It is baffling that the Scottish Government is content to go along with Transport Scotland’s plan not to create a double track that would greatly benefit so many people in the area.

“The Minister’s response in the Chamber that the government is pushing ahead with the single-track electrification was beyond disappointing.”


Notes to Editor:

  1. Transcript of the exchange in Parliament:

Monica Lennon: “The milestone of 75 years since East Kilbride achieved New Town status – the first in the country – is indeed a cause for celebration.

“Looking to the future, people who live and work in East Kilbride are keen that investment will continue, particularly in infrastructure and jobs.

“So, can I ask the Minister what progress is being made to put the dualling of the EK rail line back on track?”

Tom Arthur: “As the Member will be aware, we are delivering electrification of the railway line to East Kilbride as we are doing so in Barrhead as well as part of that project.

“That is a commitment which was fully considered and appraised as part of due process and it’s one that this government is delivering.”