Monica Lennon MSP joins Cats Protection to find out more about cat welfare priorities for Scotland

Monica attended a Cats Protection parliamentary reception in Holyrood on Thursday, June 16 to discuss the charity’s work to improve feline welfare.

The event was held to highlight ways that politicians can help support Scotland’s 685,000 pet cats and their owners.

Cats Protection’s ‘The Time is Meow: A cat welfare Action Plan for Scotland’ sets out the issues the charity is campaigning on, which includes calling on the Scottish Government to introduce compulsory microchipping for pet cats.

Monica said: “It was lovely to visit the Cats Protection event and find out how to support cats and the people who care for them.

“Scotland is a nation of cat lovers and their welfare is important to a lot of people. While Scotland already has legislation in place to protect our feline friends, there is always more that could be done.”