Monica calls for UK Government to Rethink VAT on Period Pants

Since 2021, Monica Lennon  has been campaigning the UK Government to scrap the 20% VAT applied to reusable period pants, which she describes as ‘ridiculous’ and ‘unfair’. She then met with representatives from HM Treasury earlier this year to discuss the possibility of rethinking the policy.

“If we want people to switch to products that are kinder to our environment and their own pockets, then the UK Government must remove the barriers that exist when making this choice", said Monica.


“Cutting the tax on tampons and other products such as menstrual cups was a step in the right direction, but this policy should not stop there- it should be extended to period underwear.

“Classifying period pants as luxury items is absurd. Period pants are an essential item for many and it’s about time they were treated as such.”

Monica Lennon is currently in communication with HM Treasury and plans to meet again in a matter of weeks to discuss this issue further.

Monica Lennon is an MSP for the Central Scotland Region. In 2021, she passed the ground-breaking Period Product (Scotland) Act. Follow her on Twitter for recent updates.