Monica Lennon calls for the Fatal Accident Inquiry into East Kilbride woman Louise Aitchison’s death to take place without delay

The Scottish Labour representative hosted Louise’s family in Parliament on Thursday (April 28).

Louise (33) was murdered in her home by her boyfriend, who had previous convictions for domestic abuse, on April 28, 2020.

Monica held up a photograph of the dental nurse in the chamber during First Minister’s Questions as she paid tribute to the campaigning of Louise’s mother, Caroline Lyon.

She also asked the First Minister when Domestic Homicide Reviews will be introduced in Scotland.

Monica said: “As regional MSP for the family, I was privileged to host Louise’s mum, Caroline; brother, Sean, and sister Stephanie in the Parliament on the second anniversary of her death.

“They have been incredibly brave and dignified in such tragic circumstances and I have been inspired by their determination in securing a lasting legacy for their beloved daughter and sister.

“Louise’s murder was a terrible tragedy that could and should have been prevented.

“Louise was such a caring person whose trust was cruelly betrayed. With her family’s campaign, she is continuing to be a force for good even in death.”

She continued: “Domestic Homicide Reviews have been in operation in England and Wales for a number of years.

“Although the Scottish Government has committed to the development of DHRs in Scotland, progress has been slow and disappointing. Quite frankly, lives are at stake and we cannot afford to waste any more time.”