Monica Lennon calls for end of ‘unfair’ peak rail fares

Monica Lennon MSP has urged the Scottish Government to scrap ‘peak fare’ railway ticket options which she describes as unfair. 

Currently, passengers who travel before 9.30 am on weekday pay extra on Scotrail trains. The Scottish Government, after being questioned by the Scottish Labour and Co-op MSP, has not ruled out the scrapping of the peak rail fees as part of its wider review into train fares. 

Commenting, Monica said: 

Peak train fares are unfair and should be abolished.  

“The Scottish Government should abolish peak fares, as they are a tax on workers and others who have little choice over when they travel. 

“This good idea is promoted by rail unions because it will help people with the cost crisis, whilst benefitting the economy and the environment. 

“I will continue to raise this in the Scottish Parliament with government ministers, because costs are rising, and we need to ensure that commuters are protected from unfair charges this winter. “A rail freeze from January to March 2023 is not enough to take the pressure off my constituents.” 

This comes a year after Scotland’s Rail Unions published ‘A Vision for Scotland’s Railways’ which included ending peak fare ticket sub-charges. 

Monica added “The Scottish Government must listen to our Rail Unions to implement good policy, there are many key improvements that need to be made for our railways and ending peak fares is a great place to start”