Monica Explores Sustainable Initiatives During Reusable Nappy Week

Monica had the pleasure of visiting Swaddle, social enterprise situated in the heart of Hamilton.  The visit coincided with a national campaign week dedicated to promoting the use of reusable nappies and raising awareness about sustainable childcare practices. 

During the visit, Monica engaged with Roz O’Callaghan, the founder of Swaddle, and was impressed by the enterprise’s commitment to sustainability and community involvement. Swaddle, known for its second-hand childrenswear and vibrant community space, also serves as a hub in Hamilton for fostering new parent and caregiver connections. 

A highlight of the visit was meeting with Ellen from the Lanarkshire Real Nappy Project initiative hosted within Swaddle, aimed at encouraging parents to embrace reusable nappies. The nappy library offers a diverse range of options to suit every family’s needs, empowering parents to make environmentally conscious choices without compromising on quality, cost or convenience. Ellen from Lanarkshire Real Nappy Project emphasised the importance of expanding participation to further promote a circular economy and reduce waste within Lanarkshire. 

Monica with Roz O’Callaghan founder of Swaddle and Ellen from Lanarkshire Real Nappy Project

Monica said of the visit: 

“I was truly inspired by the vibrant community spirit at Swaddle and their dedication to fostering sustainable practices. Initiatives like Lanarkshire Real Nappy Project are not only beneficial for our environment but also shine an example of how small, local initiatives can make a big impact.” 

As a strong advocate for sustainable living, Monica commended the team for its pioneering efforts in promoting reusable nappies and praised their enthusiasm for embracing eco-friendly practices.  

For those eager to explore sustainable parenting options and learn more about Lanarkshire Real Nappy Project at Swaddle, Monica encourages you to visit Swaddle at 42 Castle Street, Hamilton or contact them at 01698 281038. 

Monica Lennon with Roz O’Callaghan and Swaddle staff