Monica Enjoys a Visit to North Lanarkshire Nature Reserve

Monica visited Baron’s Haugh nature reserve, managed by RSPB and enjoyed a morning of bird watching, wildlife spotting and learning more about how we can protect local nature.

Monica heard from the Warden of Baron’s Haugh of the challenges faced by the reserve, including the impact of climate change on the site’s pathways and ecosystems.

In response to the impact of flooding, RSPB Scotland have committed to undertaking an ambitious restoration project aimed at mitigating the impact that climate change will have on the site.

Earlier this month, Monica announced her plans to introduce an ‘ecocide law’ which would prevent mass environmental damage in Scotland and further protect sites like Baron’s Haugh.

She commented:

“I was delighted to have the chance to visit Baron’s Haugh and see first-hand the range of wildlife present in the reserve.”

“Sadly, the collapse of a reserve pathway due to erosion caused by flooding demonstrates the impact that flooding has had and continues to have on Scotland’s environment.

“It was encouraging to hear first-hand about RSPB Scotland’s ambitious regeneration project to ensure the site remains accessible for both the public and the wildlife that lives there.”

“We can also minimise any risk of future damage to sites like Baron’s Haugh by making mass eco damage a crime under an ecocide law and holding the corporations who cause it accountable for their actions.

Monica Lennon is an MSP for the Central Scotland Region. In 2021, she passed the ground-breaking Period Product (Scotland) Act. Follow her on Twitter for recent updates.