Hospital Workers To Lose Out On Wages

Workers at Hairmyres Hospital are set to lose out on a week’s wages.

A new payroll system is set to be rolled-out at the hospital in May, but the plans by the contractor ISS are set to include delaying paying workers’ their wages for one-week on the first payment.

Staff are currently paid in arrears on a fortnightly basis and the delay will mean they will receive two week’s pay covering a three-week period, with a weeks’ worth of wages retained by the employer.

Workers who will struggle to make ends meet without their wages are currently being offered ‘bridging loans’ to help make-up the shortfall, but the money will have to be paid back to the employer.

Monica has written to the Health Secretary urging her to intervene to ensure hardworking hospital staff get the money they are owed without delay. Monica said: “Hospital staff work day and night to give patients world class care, they least they deserve is to be paid on time and in full by their employer.

“Offering them loans to try and make ends meet – and then taking the money back – is simply not good enough.

“I have written to the Health Secretary urging her to intervene and ensure these hardworking hospital staff get paid what they are owed without any delay.”