8 in 10 Housebreakings in Lanarkshire Going Unsolved

Monica Lennon has warned that Scottish Government mismanagement is undermining policing in South and North Lanarkshire, as new figures reveal most housebreaking incidents are going unsolved.

Latest recorded crime statistics show that in 2022-23 there were 388 housebreakings recorded in the South Lanarkshire area, however almost 80% of these incidents were not ‘cleared up.’ In North Lanarkshire where the rate not cleared was the same (76.8%) 561 housebreakings were recorded.

A crime or offence is regarded as “cleared up” where there exists a sufficiency of evidence under Scots law to justify consideration of criminal proceedings.

Monica warns that victims are being let down and has slammed the SNP-Scottish Green government at Holyrood for pushing police officers to breaking point.

She commented:

“It is worrying that 8 out of 10 housebreakings in South Lanarkshire go unsolved.

“These are not victimless crimes, and hundreds of people across Lanarkshire are being let down.

“These shocking figures reveal the pressure police in Lanarkshire are under, with years of mismanagement pushing services to breaking point.

“Housebreaking can cause its victims both financial loss and serious distress.

"Hardworking police officers must have the resources they need to tackle crime and keep our communities safe.”

Monica Lennon is an MSP for the Central Scotland Region. In 2021, she passed the ground-breaking Period Product (Scotland) Act. Follow her on Twitter for recent updates.